Sedlmayer Associates Pty Ltd

Albert Sedlmayer

Albert Sedlmayer
Director & Naval Architect

  • Born in southern Germany in 1946
  • Moved to Australia with my parents in 1952
  • Returned to Munich with my parents in 1962 as an Australian citizen.
  • Successfully completed an apprenticeship in joinery and cabinet-making in 1965
  • Graduated as Architectural Draughtsman in 1967
  • Married in 1967
  • Worked with renowned architects in Munich, on some very high-profile projects in responsible positions
  • Left Germany in 1975, to live in Auckland, New Zealand

Marine & Maritime

  • Started in the marine industry as labourer in 1975
    • Progressed to boat-builder, doing lofting, set-up, laminating, fit-out and finishing of motor and sailing yachts of FRP and wood construction.
  • Took a practical career path into Yacht Design and Naval Architecture, with some of Auckland’s best designers and Naval Architects.
    • Worked on the design of vessels ranging from 2.2-metre dinghies to a 40-metre sail training barquentine and everything in-between.
  • Founded my Marine Design Consultancy in 1978, ‘Sedlmayer Associates (NZ)’.
  • Designed a wide range of successful power and sailing vessels of diverse configuration, including Auckland’s police launch ‘Deodar II’, and two well-known charter sailing catamarans; the 18-metre vessel ‘The Pride of Auckland’ (NZ; – Now in Airlie Beach, Australia as “Pride of Airlie’), and the 22-metre ‘Stars and Stripes’ of Guam (USA).
  • Consulted on various NZ super-yacht projects.
  • Closed my Marine Design Consultancy in 1992 to return to the warmer climate of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia with my family.
  • Joined one of Australia’s most prominent Naval Architect Firms as senior Naval Architect, designing a variety of commercial ships, particularly catamaran ROPAX ferries, a 42m sail-training barquentine, stern landing vessels, self-discharging bulk carriers, innovative design solutions of on-board materials handling, deep sea mining operation optimisation, lifting vehicle-decks and ramps, patented tug-barge coupling, efficient, low-resistance hull shapes, and specialised ship structures.
  • Founder, director and Naval Architect at Sedlmayer Associates Pty Ltd, (Australia), Developing super-yacht designs, incorporating hydro-dynamic, structural and aesthetic optimisation, ship design contracting and marine consulting.


  • Was elected an associate member in 1980 and a full member in 1985, of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.
  • Past member of the professional committee of The Naval Architectural Society (New Zealand).
  • Past founding Co-director of the Maritime Referral Group Ltd.

Information Technology

  • In the late seventies acquired my first computers and became computer literate.
  • Attended University courses to stay on the leading edge in computing.
  • In the early eighties wrote much of my own software in interpreted and compiled programming languages.
  • Early in 1986 became the first New Zealand marine design office to be 100% computerised:
    • Implemented state-of-the-art CAD/D systems (Computer Aided Design & Draughting).
    • Produced mathematically-fair hull shapes and all design drawings by computer.
    • Produced cutting files of major ship components for computer numerically-controlled cutting (CNC) and manufacture (CAD/CAM).
  • Proficient in:
    • Computer and data management and maintenance.
    • Standard office software.
    • All aspects of 2D and 3D Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing.
    • Specialised ship design software: Shipconstructor, AutoSHIP, Maxsurf, Hydromax, Workshop, Hullspeed, NC Pyros and others.
    • Structural programs from classification societies.
    • Finite Element Analysis.
    • CAD/CAM production from 3D modelling conception and sequencing through design, module design, cutting, processing and handling to component assembly and finishing.
    • Producing high-impact still, video and movie presentations for web, PowerPoint data projection and project displays.


  • Taught yacht design evening classes at Carrington Technical Institute, Auckland.
  • Authored and presented technical papers to industrial and marine design groups.
  • Published author of the non-fiction book, FutureQuest.