2017-04-29 DESIGN UPDATE

SPECTRUM 61 BOW - a sense of scale

SPECTRUM 61 BOW – a sense of scale

SPECTRUM 61 – 200′ Sailing Catamaran Superyacht

This semi-transparent image captures a sense of scale, showing her owner (enter name here: ……….?) inspecting his new ship build.

Bulb framing is just nominal at this stage and a proper structure and build/maintenance strategy will be designed for it at a later stage on the design spiral. The bulb blades are solid stainless steel castings bolted into place and are replaceable if necessary. They are designed to protect the aluminium hull at the very sharp waterline entry, against flotsam.

Please vote for SPECTRUM 61 if you haven’t already done so, HERE AT THE VOTING PAGE.


Over the past few weeks I have been calculating and designing the ship structural systems and tank-deck arrangements, and also designed the ‘Tranquility Rooms’ with natural light only through bottom-viewing windows.

Now I have a (first-pass) 3D representation of all ship frames, girders, bulkheads, decks and shell. Plate stiffeners are assumed smeared into plate at this early stage, to be allocated individually in detail later. I have performed the first direct weights and centres calculation, assuming PC values for those components that still have to be specified. All values are within my predicted (statistical) envelope so I have set up 4 ship conditions which should encompass presumed operational profiles: lightship, racing, cruising and voyage departure.

Multiple tanks are assigned for the various onboard fluids, for precise trim, heel and pitching control, so more tank volume is available, than what will practically be carried on board. Even the 38 tonnes of pool water can either be carried on board in the pool, and transferred to enclosed tanks while sailing in environmentally sensitive areas, or drawn from and returned to the ocean as desired.

I have carefully considered the structural loading cases on the ship, and how weather, hydrostatic/dynamic and global wave-induced bending, wracking and shear forces would work through the ship, especially around the many, often sharp-cornered openings. The principle strength component is the connecting deck between the hulls, which is set up as a grillage sandwich. The hulls, superstructure and mast frames grow out of this platform. High-strength girders have been inserted around the iris openings and all the sea doors in the hulls and plate shear slabs have been allocated to minimise wracking.

As soon as an owner is found for this ship she will get precise FEA structural analysis and CFD and tank-testing for hull and structure refinement and optimisation.

Now I am preparing to travel to Europe to attend the IYAA presentations and hopefully win the category award for SPECTRUM 61. Please vote for her if you haven’t already done so, HERE AT THE VOTING PAGE.

SPECTRUM 61 Promotional Video (short)

I have now produced a promotional video displaying some of the main external features of this ship. Longer presentations are also in progress to suit relevant presentation situations.


SPECTRUM 61 Preview Video

I have created the first preview FLY-AROUND ANIMATION for my SPECTRUM 61 design. Set options to HD mode for best viewing. This clip offers a comprehensive understanding of the outside features of this ship but shows no materials, textures, colours or lighting.

I am currently producing a 1080P photo-realistic rendered video as well and will post this later when it is finished. This 50 second clip has about 1250 frames 1920×1080 resolution at 25 frames per second (PAL), of which each frame takes 8-15 minutes to render, with small interventions and checks between frame racks, making about 2 weeks of 24-hour rendering).


SPECTRUM 61 design development blog

I posted a blog in LinkedIn of the design development of SPECTRUM 61 as it unfolded, in a blow-by-blow sequence of about 50 posts in 2-5-day intervals HERE. You scroll down and start right at the bottom, January 4, 2016 and read your way up.

Because of the large number of individual posts it is best to open each blog page in a new browser window (right-click to open) so you don’t lose your place in the sequence.

SPECTRUM 61 shortlisted for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017

I have just received confirmation that SPECTRUM 61 has made the shortlist for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017.

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“design et al” will post a press release on this around mid month. So from now on I have been given permission to attach the plaque below to my correspondence. Award winners will be announced in Venice in May.

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SPECTRUM 61 Design Featured

Days after distribution by ALBATROSS PR, my SPECTRUM 61 design has been featured by two prominent publications:


“Australian designer, Albert Sedlmayer has released designs for a catamaran superyacht comprising all the mod cons, including THX theatre, vast underwater viewing room and an infinity pool.”
Spectrum 61 Spans the Spectrum of Entertainment Options
“Most megayacht concepts are motoryachts. The catamaran configuration for Spectrum 61 therefore makes her stand apart. So, too, does the 200-foot (61-meter) LOA, plus a beam and decided emphasis on entertainment that will make other owners envious.”



Today ALBATROSS PR (NZ) distributed a press release for SPECTRUM 61. This 200′ sailing catamaran super-yacht is now ready for publishing. Look for her in super-yacht publications

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