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22m Catamaran, ‘Stars and Stripes’

22m Sailing Catamaran, ‘Stars and Stripes’

22 metre alloy excursion catamaran, built in Singapore for her Guam owner and launched in 1988. Specifically designed for day excursions with full restaurant facilities in air-conditioned comfort.

Pride of Auckland vessel

18m Sailing Catamaran, The ‘Pride of Auckland’ (now ‘Pride of Airlie’)

18 metre alloy excursion catamaran, built in Wanganui, New Zealand, for her Auckland owner and launched in 1983. Specifically designed for short, high-quality sailing experiences with dining facilities.

Deodar II police vessel

Auckland Police Launch ‘Deodar II’

14.5 metre police launch, “Deodar II” for Auckland Harbour. Built in Auckland and launched in 1992. She has an alloy hull with GRP superstructure, with many special police-specific features. She was retired in 2012 after nearly twenty years service.

Additional Designs

  • 18 metre Power Catamaran Alloy passenger vessel for 150 Pax.
  • 13.8 metre Power Catamaran workboat.
  • 12.8 meter Power Catamaran Alloy pleasure craft.
  • 10.6 metre Power Catamaran in Ply, GRP and Alloy construction options.
  • 9.5 metre Power Catamaran Alloy sports-fishing vessel.
  • 4.8 metre Power Catamaran Production boat.
  • 13.5 metre Performance Sailing Catamaran “Alpha Omega”.
  • 11.8 metre Sailing Catamaran Alloy charter vessel.
  • 11 metre Performance Sailing Catamaran “Saracen Alpha”.
  • 9.1 metre Performance Sailing Catamaran  “Alpha Centauri”.
  • 8.8 metre Keeler “Challenge 29” and Centreboard Yacht “Moonraker 8.8” GRP Production Yachts.
  • 8 metre Trailer Yacht “Moonraker 26” GRP Production Yacht.

MORE RECENTLY Albert has designed a multitude of successful vessels while working in employment and under contract as senior naval architect in design teams. Some of these are:

  • Medium speed catamaran ROPAX ferries from 25 metres to the world’s largest ROPAX catamaran at 150 metres.
  • Self-discharging and transshipping bulk vessels up to 330 metres.
  • Deep-sea mining vessel configuration and optimisation.